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Herbal Tea Blends and more

Welcome to Badlands Wildflower, a small-town business with a tremendous heart. We pride ourselves on making herbal tea blends and personal products with your health and wellness in mind. Each batch is crafted with care and love in small quantities, using only the finest ingredients. As a result, each product is ...

Discover a World of Flavor and Wellness

Step into the world of Badlands Wildflower and explore our wide range of herbal teas and personal products. From our Golden Grail, Serendipi-Tea, and Tranquili-Tea to our Magnesium Spray and Toothpaste In A Jar, each product is thoughtfully crafted to offer unique benefits. Immerse yourself in the delightful ...

Crafted With Care and Love

We take great pride in creating products that prioritize your health and wellness. Each batch is carefully handcrafted in small quantities, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. With a genuine passion for health, we select the finest ingredients for all of our products. ...


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